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Working Directory:/home/buildbot/lwan-worker/clang-analyze/build
Command Line:make
Clang Version:clang version 3.9.1 (tags/RELEASE_391/final)
Date:Tue Jan 3 01:43:58 2017

Bug Summary

Bug TypeQuantityDisplay?
All Bugs3
Logic error
Cast from non-struct type to struct type1
Cast region with wrong size1
Dangerous pointer arithmetic1


Bug Group Bug Type ▾ File Function/Method Line Path Length
Logic errorCast from non-struct type to struct typelwan-coro.clast_defer1763View Report
Logic errorCast region with wrong sizelwan-coro.ccoro_new2281View Report
Logic errorDangerous pointer arithmeticlwan-coro.clast_defer1763View Report