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Working Directory:/home/buildbot/lwan-worker/clang-analyze/build
Command Line:make
Clang Version:clang version 11.1.0
Date:Mon May 10 04:19:38 2021

Bug Summary

Bug TypeQuantityDisplay?
All Bugs5
Dead store
Dead nested assignment1
Logic error
Array subscript is undefined1
Assigned value is garbage or undefined1
Dereference of null pointer1
Memory error
Memory leak1


Bug Group Bug Type ▾ File Function/Method Line Path Length
Logic errorArray subscript is undefinedlwan-thread.clwan_thread_init77321View Report
Logic errorAssigned value is garbage or undefinedlwan-thread.cadjust_threads_affinity70023View Report
Dead storeDead nested assignmentrealpathat.crealpathat2821View Report
Logic errorDereference of null pointerlist.hlist_add_tail32417View Report
Memory errorMemory leaklwan.cparse_listener_prefix33431View Report