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Working Directory:/home/buildbot/lwan-worker/clang-analyze/build
Command Line:make
Clang Version:clang version 12.0.1
Date:Tue Oct 12 04:43:45 2021

Bug Summary

Bug TypeQuantityDisplay?
All Bugs8
Dead store
Dead assignment1
Dead increment1
Dead nested assignment1
Logic error
Dangerous variable-length array (VLA) declaration1
Dereference of null pointer3
Memory error
Memory leak1


Bug Group Bug Type ▾ File Function/Method Line Path Length
Logic errorDangerous variable-length array (VLA) declarationweighttp.cmain19837View Report
Dead storeDead assignmentweighttp.cconfig_request14431View Report
Dead storeDead incrementweighttp.cconfig_request14421View Report
Dead storeDead nested assignmentweighttp.cconfig_request14431View Report
Logic errorDereference of null pointerweighttp.cclient_connect56427View Report
Logic errorDereference of null pointerweighttp.cclient_revents95823View Report
Logic errorDereference of null pointerweighttp.cclient_reset46026View Report
Memory errorMemory leakweighttp.cworker_thread111819View Report